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Rabah Hammouche, M. Sc.

Director of International Affairs

Academic Background 

bullet 1990 : Micrometeorology and atmospheric turbulence, Riso National Laboratory, Denmark 
bullet 1981 : State Engineer in Meteorology, WMO Class II, IHFR, Oran, Algeria 
bullet 1977 : Mid-term Forecast, ECMWF, London, U.-K. 
bullet1976 : Numerical Weather Forecast, Météo-France, Paris 
bullet 1974 : Works Engineer in Meteorology, WMO Class I, IHFR, Oran, Algeria 
bullet 1970 : Physics, DEC level, University of Algiers

Work Experience

bullet Since 1997 : Meteorologist and Director of International Services for Enviromet 
bullet 1994-1995 : Consultant in Meteorology for ACMAD, Niamey, Niger 
bullet1992-1995 : Teacher, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Algiers, Algeria 
bullet 1990-1995 : Chief of the Meteorological Laboratory of Arid and Semi-Arid Zones, ONM, Algiers, Algeria 
bullet 1982-1990 : Chief Climatological Branch, ONM, Algiers, Algeria 
bullet 1976-1979 : Senior Forecaster, ONM, Algiers, Algeria  


bullet Treatment of meteorological data time series 
bullet Analysis of extreme weather events 
bullet Preparation of climatic and meteorological maps 
bullet Modeling of the atmospheric dispersion of pollutants 
bullet Micrometeorological studies 
bullet Parameterization of physical soil-atmosphere transfers 
bullet Modeling of agrometeorological parameters Evaluation of wind and solar potential Teaching Meteorology at the University level Scientific Programming in FORTRAN  


bullet Quebec Professional Association of Meteorologists (president)


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