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Here are some examples of services provided by Enviromet and its associates

Meteorological Data

Weather observation services provided by meteorological technicians certified by Environment Canada

Selection of meteorological sites

Installation of meteorological stations 

Operation of meteorological stations

Maintenance of meteorological stations

Management of meteorological networks

Inspection of meteorological stations by qualified technicians

Analysis of Meteorological Data

Data collection and storage

Validation of meteorological data

Statistical treatment of meteorological data

Estimation of missing meteorological data

Spatial interpolation of meteorological data

Analysis and interpretation of meteorological data

Meteorological Instruments

Calibration of meteorological instruments

Specialized meteorological instruments 

Training in Meteorology

Applied Meteorology 

Course in marine meteorology

Course en aviation meteorology

Course in weather observation



Professional Assistance

Expert witness for lawyers in cases involving Meteorology

Verification of meteorological expertise reports

Counter-expertise in Meteorology

Assistance to lawyers

Assistance to insurance companies


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