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Ambient Air Quality

Here are some examples of services provided by Enviromet and its associates

Atmospheric dispersion modeling of air pollutants

Atmospheric dispersion modeling of air pollutants using models approved by governmental agencies
Verification of conformity of emissions with environmental norms

Measurement of the ambient air quality

Site selection
Selection of instruments
Elaboration of sampling programs
Installation of stations
Operation and maintenance of stations
Management of networks of stations
Validation of ambient air quality data
Computerization of data banks 
Collection and storage of air quality data
Calibration of instruments
Evaluation of odors
Sampling and auditing of ambient air 

Study of the ambient air quality

Analysis and interpretation of air quality data 
Statistical treatment of air quality data 
Estimation of missing data 
Spatial interpolation of air quality data  
Evaluation of CHIMIOTOX index for atmospheric pollutants 
Rationalization of measuring networks 
Studies on various issues related to air quality issues
Production of support documents to air quality regulation 


Atmospheric dispersion of pollutants 


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