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Ambient Air Quality

Here is a sample of studies completed by Enviromet and its associates

bullet Studies of the dispersion of atmospheric pollutants emitted by industrial complexes 
bullet Production of a document describing the SMOG problem in Quebec, prepared for the Canadian Counsel of the Ministers of the Environment 
bullet Preparation of white books about five pollutants for the Environmental Cooperation Commission of NAFTA 
Odor characterization at the landfill site of Stone Consolidated near Shawinigan 
bullet Odor characterization at the landfill site of Complexe environnemental Saint-Michel (Miron site) 
bullet Development of CHIMIOTOX (air) index for Plan Saint-Laurent 
Evaluation of the contribution of long-range transport to air pollution in urban areas 
bullet Impact study of service establishments on air pollution in Mexico 


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Updated on : 05/01/06.