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Enviromet International Inc. was established in 1997.  It continues the activities of Claude Lelièvre Enr. founded in 1983 and of Cirrus Environmental founded in 1996. During the first few years, the Company provided training in meteorology at the university level. In 1990, the Company broadened its field of activity and associated with other consulting companies. Now, Enviromet is offering a wide spectrum of services in environmental and atmospheric sciences.

Enviromet provides services of a high scientific caliber. Due to the expertise of its personnel and through the efforts of its management, Enviromet International Inc. has become a respected leader in its field of activity.

Enviromet currently employs several professionals who elaborate scientific studies in Meteorology, in Air Quality, in Biology and in Climatology. Several meteorological technicians take the official weather observations at Sherbrooke, Mirabel  and Saint-Hubert.

Enviromet favors collaboration with other consulting firms in order to complete its mandates  and also frequently acts as a sub-contractor to other firms to fill their needs in meteorology or in air quality.

For Enviromet, customer satisfaction is the first priority. All services are professionally rendered and always respect deadlines and allotted budgets. 

Enviromet International Inc.
2404 Fleury Street East
Montreal (Quebec)
Canada H2B 1L2

Tel.: (514) 384-9990
Fax: (514) 384-1598

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